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Safety surfacing options in the market will vary a lot according to their properties that are not only based on their appearance and support provided but also in the levels of shock absorption, longevity, and durability. Now, how do you choose one? Based on what you are trying to acquire the most. For example, Poured-In-Place rubber is perfect when looking for extra shock absorption.

Most people believe that choosing a safe surface is just like trying to pick a regular one that tends to be installed in homes or commercial properties, like those made of ceramic, concrete, or maybe granite. However, there is more to it when it comes to surfaces that have safety as their main purpose and goal since you have to consider a large list of factors to determine which one is the best for your space in specific.


What are these factors? You can consider the ones below to be the main ones:

  • The temperature changes in your location or area can affect or not the surface you choose.
  • Climate conditions must be considered before installing one.
  • Your preferences in colors and designs are also relevant.
  • Consider the shock absorption level required for your space based on accidents and falls that could take place and how serious they could be without the surface.
  • Your budget will take out or bring more options that can fit your needs and preferences.
  • If the surface only needs low or high maintenance.

That being said, where does this place when it comes to Poured-In-Place rubber? As we previously mentioned, this surface is usually chosen when extra shock absorption is needed but also when people are able to provide some extra maintenance compared to single-layer surfaces. Among all the options in the market and especially those made of rubber as well, this poured option is the one that can help with falls up to 12 feet and reduce harm from very serious accidents.

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It is all thanks to the system and structure of the surface and how well it works in outdoor spaces like playgrounds, city parks, schools, sports fields, and more. But before you choose it based on the impact absorption properties only, take your time learning a bit more about its characteristics and how crucial is to have professionals installing it if you decide to jump for it.

What you need to know about Poured-In-Place rubber

When considering this option for your space, you should definitely start with its shock absorption properties. However, more than just reading about how it is great in this case, get to know why it is so good. Therefore, we want to introduce you to the structure of the surface so you are able to have a better idea of when it is good and when it may be necessary to consider another option.

First, this rubber surface consists of two layers unlike most safety surfacing options in the market. Thanks to this two layers system, it is possible to obtain the extra support and absorption for your surface, but which ones are these layers? The first one is a base layer which is the part of the surface that has all the support and shock absorption properties you need.

It is completely made of rubber in granules most of the time and if you find a good company that uses only TPV rubber or high-quality options of the material, you can expect even more from it when it comes to absorption. Now, this layer can be from 5 to 10 inches thick and it is not something most safe surfaces offer. The beauty about making it quite thick is being able to reduce harm from certain falls and accidents. However, you will not always need to make it up to 10 inches thick but rather 5 or maybe 7.

It depends a lot on your needs when it comes to safety, the equipment you have installed for playing or performing activities, and other factors that influence what type of accidents can take place in your space. Finally, the second layer is better known as a wear layer and it protects the base one from all damage and external conditions. Temperature changes, cold or hot weather and any element that could damage the base surface are stopped by the wear one. This layer also provides the final look for your surface which means that when choosing the color, design, and appearance, you are choosing it for this layer in specific.

When you install both of them, you will notice how soft yet safe and solid the surface is, and this alone gives you a lot of confidence in how well it will perform. What you might want to keep in mind is that due to the two layers you will need to provide some extra maintenance. It is not a high maintenance surface but compared to unitary ones like bonded rubber, it does require a bit more attention.

How to install it

At Gainesville Safety Surfacing, we can assist you in the entire process of installing your surface and guarantee the base layer is as thick as you want and need it and the rest of the elements are just placed perfectly. Relying on professionals for these projects is always the best option considering that the quality and longevity of your surface will depend a lot on the materials used but also how the installation took place. In our company, we only use TPV rubber and high-quality complements to make the Poured-In-Place rubber surface, which takes weight from your shoulders. Also, our professionals are more than experienced in working with this surface and besides installation, they can handle repairs and maintenance as well.

Just make sure to contact us at Gainesville Safety Surfacing and we guarantee you will enjoy your surface for over 15 years without any issues and the maintenance you might need to provide it will be minimal despite our previous mention regarding this aspect. Especially because our team of experts will make sure that the surface performs extremely well.