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Choosing a surface that is based on tiles and their installation is quite common among people in Gainesville and all over the USA. The main reason lies in the geometric and stunning designs you can obtain but when you take this and consider an option like rubber tiles, other aspects and benefits are considered over the aesthetics. Rubber tiles are quite popular among safety surfacing options and we have to admit that the geometric patterns are what attract most people’s attention when choosing them.

However, they soon learn how amazing the surface is when it comes to shock absorption, support, and longevity. When it comes to shock absorption, most people believe it is not able to handle several high-impact activities or specific accidents, like falls up to 10 feet or more you could imagine. Well, this is quite wrong.

Gainesville Safety Surfacing-Rubber tiles

The material used for the tiles is clearly rubber and besides being 100% recycled it is also durable and offers great absorption due to the components used to complement its structure. By the time someone ends processing the rubber and getting the tiles, the result is astonishing due to how good it looks and how long-lasting it is as well. In short, you do not have to worry about the surface’s performance and shock absorption properties, and when it comes to supporting, it is quite unique in this because it offers it for joints, knees, and ankles in particular, not only as a general feature or benefit.

This is not something you obtain from other safety surfacing options in the market since they do provide certain support but not in specific nor allow you to perform certain activities thanks to it. Finally, its longevity will usually depend on where it is installed. Temperature changes and certain climate conditions influence the performance of the surface—this is something to keep in mind. When installed in outdoor spaces, it is most likely to underperform or, at last, it will not offer all the benefits it should.

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However, compared to when it is installed indoors, we assure you the result is different and much more appealing which is why most people decide to use it indoors. At Gainesville Safety Surfacing, we encourage you to use the surface in indoor spaces over outdoor ones, but we do not want you to feel limited with this if you truly want to use it outdoors. If this is your case, our team of professionals is able to add some elements that will make the surface perform properly but might still have problems offering the same longevity. But, overall, we are able to provide you top-notch services for this surface and we are looking forward to your decision of using it or not after getting to know the details about it. Are you still doubtful about choosing it? It is quite normal and for this, we can provide you more information below.

When should you use rubber tiles—and when you shouldn’t?

If you are planning to use it outdoors, we suggest you evaluate the pros and cons of this first. The reason why we start with this is that rubber tiles can be used in any space indoors, which leaves the outdoors open and in question. Why is it so popular indoors? When should you use the surface outdoors? These are more accurate questions for this. Focusing on the outdoors aspect first, the issue lies in how the temperature changes or more like rain and humidity, can affect the quality and longevity of the surface.

The spaces between each tile, although they are not noticeable, are where the problem starts when it comes to the weather and climate conditions. It is quite easy for the surface to catch most problems through those spaces and you can end up with a surface that should last 20 years but instead, only lasted half of it or even less. Now, what can you do with this? It is possible to plan the installation and add some components that can help you to enjoy your surface fr much longer.

Despite our recommendations for using it in indoor spaces only, we already mentioned that we do not want this to be a limit for you. Therefore, we encourage you to let our professionals work on this if you do not want to quit the project. The pros of having it outdoors are that you still get the same stunning and safe surface but the issue lies in the longevity once again. In all honesty, it can be a bet sometimes but we will make sure you win it without struggles. Finally, the tiles are a great option for indoor spaces since they work well with heavy traffic, offer the support needed for spaces like gyms, and the climate conditions are not a factor to consider. You will have amazing support and shock absorption properties without having to rely on more than one surface or an alternative that includes two layers, which usually required a lot of maintenance.

Extra benefits of rubber tiles

Something else to mention? That you will not have to provide a lot of maintenance. Despite how it looks, this surface does not require a lot of attention since cleaning it is also quite simple. You can use soap, a piece of cloth, or the usual instruments you would use for cleaning your floors and the dirt and stains will come out of the surface. And when it is about special maintenance, a few ones in a 20 years period are considered none and they are not expensive either.

Overall, it is a great option if you have in mind a safe but also supportive surface, and when you make your decision, our team at Gainesville Safety Surfacing will be available to deliver the best installation or any other solution and service you might need. For more information about the surface or our company, feel free to contact us anytime using the contact form or our phone numbers and email.