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We know you are probably thinking, “why would I use synthetic grass when real grass exists?”. Well, this is actually a very good question since—naturally—more people would choose the real option or original one before an imitation. However, when it comes to grass and safety surfacing, you will need to go a bit deeper instead of being satisfied with the fact that something is “original” and the other one not. First, you must understand that real grass is stunning, has a great green look, and offers a soft surface with support and shock absorption, but it is not the best when it comes to maintenance and how eco-friendly it is.

Gainesville Safety Surfacing-Synthetic Grass

You need to water it a lot to maintain its look and continue enjoying the support as well. Besides watering, it also requires certain chemicals and extra care to guarantee its performance throughout the year. All this, when you take your time to put it all together, you will notice that ends up being a great expense in your life that we are sure you would love to avoid. And if you think about the planet for a minute, watering grass often is not eco-friendly at all. Now, it is true that as a safe surface or just surface overall, it is stunning and amazing in every possible way, which is why it is used for landscaping but also in other spaces like playgrounds and schools.

But what if we tell you that the synthetic option offers the same but even better? When going for synthetic grass, you do not have to worry about watering it nor providing maintenance all the time. Instead, you end up with the same surface as if it was real grass but without all the struggles it entails. That being said, this is only possible when you find high-quality grass for your space in terms of the materials used for the manufacturing or fabrication of the artificial option. There is a lot involved in making it possible and although it can take more time than just letting your real grass grow—which we doubt—, we promise you it is worth it.

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What type of synthetic grass do you need?

As we were mentioning, you need to find one that is made with high-quality materials. No, not all options are the same and you need to evaluate all the alternatives that are shown to you when trying to acquire the surface. A quick guide for this is to buy the one that feels soft and the supplier is able to tell you what it is made of. Basic plastic is very common and often used for this artificial grass surface, but you need to avoid it at all costs if you truly want to end up with a good option, not with a surface that will last 3 years at most.

Instead, look for those made of nylon or polyethylene, or maybe both materials at the same time. You will notice the difference between them when you feel the soft and quite green surface of the grass made with nylon. While the one with basic plastic will be rough and darker than real grass would look like. At Gainesville Safety Surfacing, we do more than just provide you with this information.

We also handle the process of offering you the right materials, high-quality grass, and guarantee the installation takes place properly so you are able to enjoy a stunning yet safe and long-lasting surface.

In other words, you can rely on us when trying to find the best type of grass made with the best materials, and the installation will be handled by our experts without problems. As you might have noticed so far, we are quite knowledgeable in this area but also experienced. After all, we have been offering safety surfacing services for over a decade and when it comes to synthetic grass, it is impossible not to know it when it is quite requested and we personally love working with it.

Where can you install it?

You do not have to think too much about this: wherever you would have real grass, that is the right place for the artificial one. Remember that we have mentioned so far that you get the same surface but better since watering and maintenance are not required. Therefore, there is no need to feel limited about where you should install it. If you want it for landscaping—which is usually the main use for grass—, no one will tell you “no”. Just keep in mind that if you are going for a safe surface, that means you are trying to put safety before anything else and you need to determine if this grass option will cover your needs and preferences in this matter.

For example, does it provide enough noise and shock absorption? What about the support? Is it truly what will prevent accidents or more like reducing the harm from them in your space? These questions are crucial and if you find yourself answering “no” to one of them, you need to move on and find another option. However, if you find yourself more than fine with the surface and all its features, there is no need for it.

Synthetic grass offers amazing absorption in all possible ways and if you just want it to have a stunning yet safe space for you, your children, or other people, everyone at Gainesville Safety Surfacing encourages your decision. We will be here to help you with the process no matter where you want us to install it and we are confident about delivering the best results for you. Therefore, rely on us for this and you will get to know more about this artificial option before we provide the services themselves. For any questions about our service or just request it right away, you can call or email us. The contact form on our website is also open for anyone in Gainesville, Florida overall, or throughout the country.